The UK 29er circuit runs from September through August to match the school terms and we organise the schedule to allow for a quiet period for the exam period from mid April to mid June. All events are entered through the class website via OurClubAdmin. You have to be an UK class member to be able to enter an event. Have a look at the calendar of events page to see what's coming up, and also view results and reports from previous events.

The UK 29er class circuit consists of the Grand Prix Series, the Ovington Championships, the Inland Championships, the Winter Championships and the National Championships. The Northern Series is run separately and aimed at our Welsh, Scottish and Northern boats (though any 29er is most welcome !). The RYA run regional championships (the Northern, Welsh and Scottish Championships) and also the RYA Youth National Championships. The International 29er Class run the Eurocup Series, the Europeans and the Worlds.

The Allen 29er Grand Prix Series

The Grand Prix series consists of six Grand Prix. Each Grand Prix is a two day event held on a weekend or bank holiday. We aim to hold the Grand Prix at six different sailing clubs and we try to ensure a geographical spread.

We expect to see more than forty boats at each Grand Prix and to get through eight races. The sailing at the top of the fleet is fiercely competitive but there is a wide range of abilities and experience in the fleet. We actively encourage all of our new members to attend the Grand Prix. Our view is that you sail to race and we should be encouraging you to get out there.

The 29er boat park is a friendly place. We have an active sailors committee drawn from throughout the fleet and they will be happy to advise on any rigging or tuning issues. At most events we run a buddy team system, teaming the most and least experienced sailors together, aiming to share boat knowledge and build friendships. Our 29er parents are a font of knowledge on the emergency repair and never happier than when getting your boat back up and on the water. As a class we pride ourselves on leaving no boat behind in the boat park.

At each event, we aim to organise a social for parents and sailors - either a meal out with an invited speaker, a quiz or at the Rutland Grand Prix, the Christmas Party. You will quickly make friends throughout the class.

The Grand Prix Series consists of six events and it is worth noting that your two worst scores are discardable. The Series prizes are generally awarded at the UK Nationals. Prizes are awarded at each Grand Prix and for the series to the top six overall, the top three all female, the top three mixed and the top three junior. The calendar of events can be found here.

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The Ovington Championships

This is a stand alone event sponsored by Ovingtons and organised by the Class and Ovingtons. It is a two day event held over a weekend or holiday at either an inland or sea venue usually in November. Again we aim to get through eight races. The event details can be found from our events calendar here.

The Inland Championships

This is a two day championships taking place over a weekend or holiday.  This event is aimed to give our lake sailors a chance to shine. The event details can be found from our events calendar here.

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The Typhoon UK 29er Winter Championships

The Winter Championships are usually held in February after the mock exam period and on an inland lake to maximise the chances of getting some sailing in. The event details can be found from our events calendar here.

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The Typhoon UK 29er National Championships

The Nationals is a six day event held during the Summer holidays. In fixing the date we look at the Scottish, Welsh and English holiday times and the event calendar of the International Class. It is the premier event in the U.K. 29er Sailing calendar and we go all out to make it a great success.

Good racing is ensured by the presence of an experienced 29er race pro. We only pick from a small pool. Measurement takes place on the first day or we organise for measurement prior to the event. We will help any new boat navigate their way through the measurement process. Ask at the measurement tent and help will be given or email our Class Administrator here.

We organise social events throughout the week and finish with a black-tie dinner.

The event details can be found from our events calendar here.

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Royal Yachting Association events

The main RYA event is of course the Youth Nationals held each year at Easter. The venue and dates for the following year are generally announced at the end of each Youth Nationals. It is usually a six-day event with a three-day qualifying series and a three-day final series. The other RYA-recognised youth and junior classes attend. The details are announced on the RYA website.

The RYA also organise regional championships in Scotland and Wales. The RYA also organises a Northern Championships every year usually in November.

RYA 29er events will be publicised on this website and included in the class calendar here.

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The Northern Series

The Northern Series consists of six events spread across Wales, the North and Scotland. It is intended to provide a regional racing circuit reducing travel time for our Northern, Welsh and Scottish boats. Ovingtons have been very generous in providing prizes for our Northern Series.

The International 29er Class circuit

The International 29er Class organise the Eurocup Series, the European Championships and the World Championships. In order to enter any of these events you must be a member of the International Class. You can join the international class here. The Eurocup series is a number of four-day events spread throughout Europe. Measurement is not required. The series culminates with the Garda Eurocup at Lake Garda in October. The series calendar is usually announced in around October every year and can be found here.

The Europeans and Worlds are both six day events. You can find the event details here. Usually, separate websites are set up immediately prior to the Europeans and Worlds handling entry etc.

As a class, we try to assist with travel arrangements to international events. We facilitate the booking of trailers to international events if the numbers are sufficient. Booking onto trailer transport is done through the class events management system here where each trailer is set up as an event or direct with the trailer transport company. The UK class also try to assist with rib/ coach support at international events. Announcements are made through this website and UK class social media and included in the class calendar here as to what support, if any, will be available.

And our best moment in 2019 ? Winning the Nations Cup at the 2019 Europeans !

Team GB winning the Nations Cup at the 2019 Europeans