Allen Grand Prix 3

12 November 2020

Please enter Allen Grand Prix 3 as soon as possible so we have an accurate idea of numbers.

Allen Grand Prix 3 WPNSA 5/6 December 2020

We are opening entries to the Allen Grand Prix 3 tomorrow on the assumption that the lockdown in England will end on 2nd December 2020. Opening the entry now will allow us to put all necessary arrangements in place to allow the event to go ahead. Please help us by entering as soon as possible so we have an accurate idea of numbers.

Unfortunately, there is a real risk that the covid restrictions to be announced on or around 2nd December will oblige us to cancel the event. There is also a risk to our sailors based in Scotland and Wales that the covid restrictions in place locally on that weekend may prevent them travelling to England. For this weekend, it is worth arranging travel and accommodation which you can cancel with a refund at short notice. The class will of course refund your entry fee if we cancel the event or if you are unable to travel due to covid related reasons.

Keep an eye on this space for updates on the event and any additional measures we will be putting into place to manage the risk of covid transmission.

So with a fair wind the event will go ahead and we look forward to seeing you all in Weymouth.

Photo credit Digital Sailing