2020/21 29er Class Events

29 August 2020

The 2020/21 GP Notice of Series and Major Events Sailing Instructions have now been published on OurClub Admin and the class website. We have confirmation from WPNSA that, subject to any changes in the COVID situation we will be able to go ahead with GP1, GP2 and the Ovington Championships. Events after that are still subject to confirmation with the host clubs.

May I draw your attention to the COVID-19 paragragh in the NoS/Rs:

12.1 Due to Covid-19 any number of the following measures and restrictions may apply, final details will appear in the SSIs:

(a) online registration

(b) online briefing

(c) online protests

(d) limits to the numbers of parents/guardians on site

(e) no showers/ no changing rooms

(f) increased minimum wind strength/decreased maximum wind strength

(g) no competitior food or drink carried in safety boats

I know from feedback that these measures aren't universally popular and perceptions of risk differ. However, we need to comply with the law as well as DCMS and RYA guidance in order to be able to run and insure an event. Most open events are being cancelled at the moment and we are extremely fortunate and grateful to have access to WPNSA who not only have an impressive and flexible facility but also have one of the best events teams in the world. I am sure that you will agree, to get the fleet back sailing, the type of measures agreed with WPNSA are a small price to pay. WPNSA are running three other events before ours and any lessons learned will be incorporated.

Three weeks to go and I, for one, am getting excited.

Mark James

Sailing Secretary