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Congratulations to Owen Bowerman / Morgan Peach (1st), Matt Venables / Will Alloway (2nd), and Vicki Payne / Stephi Orton (4th) - an almost clean sweep at the last Eurocup of 2012 at Lake Garda. Great for GBR!
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Congratulations to the 29er team at the 2012 RYA Eric Twiname Team Racing champs ... 2nd overall - a great result for the 29er class. Well done Will, Matt, Owen, Harry, Morgan and Alice. Report to follow.
So much to say and not enough space - so read the article and in the meantime congrats to Owen Bowerman & Morgan Peach with their maiden GP victory, Charlotte Hooper & Molly Brown for their brilliant final day to nail the Ladies prize, Luke Berry & Henry Morley for wrapping up the U16"s and most importantly of all - all the new talent in the class who help set the place ablaze with intent, fun and wonder.
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A maiden GP victory?? for Rob & Emma Loveridge. Roan Edwards & Daniel Blight and Ed Connellan & Matt Rhodes join them on the podium. Big Northern turnout with a shed load from Scotland. 21 different clubs represented I think. Bring it on... Great stuff!
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