29er Class Coaching Programme

We aim to provide all the training necessary to get you sailing a 29er fast. We run open training and squad training (Noble Marine class development squad and Noble Marine class national squad) overseen by Class Coach Alice Masterman. We draw our coaches from a pool of our ex-29er sailors. This also allows on occasion for coach in the boat training. To take part in any training, you have to be a class member. 


We have compiled a series of tutorials to help you get to grips with some of the fundamentals of sailing a 29er and to help as a reminder of some of the tipe you will learn from our coaches. You can find them on our YouTube channel or click the links below.

Best Practice Guide

Our coaching programme is packed with practical advice and support to help you get the best from your 29er sailing. For a quick reminder of some of the tips our coaches cover please take a look at our 29er Best Practice Guide:

Click here to view our 29er Best Practice Guide

Open training

Open training is headed up by our Class Coach Alice Masterman and is open to all class members in a first come, first served basis.

The open training is run from September through August with dates announced as soon as possible in September. Open training is run as a two day event. Coach to boat ratio is a minimum of 1 coach per six boats though it will be higher in tricky weather or with more inexperienced boats.

We aim to run open training the week before a Grand Prix at the Grand Prix venue so boats can be left at the venue. Open training dates can be found on the events/results calendar.


Noble Marine Class Development Squad

This squad is aimed at boats which are relatively new to the Class. The squad is overseen by Class Coach Alice Masterman.

There is no strict upper limit to the size of the squad but coach to boat ratio will be a minimum of 1:6 and higher in tricky weather or with more inexperienced boats. Unlike open training, each boat commits to six non-residential squad weekends. It will give you the chance to train with the same boats and generally the same coaches assuring a more consistent approach.

Applications for the squad open during the Summer on this website. Usually, the qualifiers are the first two Grand Prix of the series in September. We have to wait to see first who is selected for the RYA Youth Squad (usually the RYA chose within two weeks of the qualifier events) before selecting for the Development Squad. We then notify successful applicants immediately by email. Photo credit:

Noble Marine Class National Squad

This Squad is aimed at more experienced 29er boats and is considered a stepping stone to RYA Youth Squad.

Class National Squad is for those sailors who would like to train with the same boats at a similar ability level with the same coaches. The Squad is run by the Class Coach Alice Masterman and the maximum size of the squad is 12 boats.

The Class Squad programme consists of six squad weekends (non residential) and we aim to use the same coaches throughout to ensure a consistent approach. The coach to boat ratio is one coach per six boats. In a perfect world, squad weekends are organised at the same venue as the Grand Prix to allow boats to be left at the venue.

So how do you get into class squad? The qualifiers for Class Squad are usually the first two Grand Prix run in September. Notices of how to apply through the Class website appear over the Summer on the Class website and Facebook page. We aim to notify all those eligible for Class Squad within two weeks of the qualifiers by email (we have to wait until RYA Youth Squad is selected) to allow you to plan your year.


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RYA Scotland 29er Academy and Development Squad

The academy training is run over six weekends during the winter by RYA Scotland coach Gillies Munro and is aimed at the Scottish and northern boats from transition level upwards. RYA Scotland may run further weekends as Development Squad training for more experienced boats. Information may be found here:

Scottish Squad


RYA Welsh Squad

This squad is run over six weekends by RYA Cymru coach Max Todd and is aimed at the Welsh boats. Contact our Wales Representative for information. 


RYA Youth Squad

This squad is run by the RYA and aimed at the top end of the fleet. Details can be found here.