Y+Y on the Sprint Finals. Great video from VR Sport TV at the bottom


Come and sail in some of the most glorious scenery and join other Youth helms for 2 days of competitive sailing at the RYA NE Youth Championships. 

The survey is now closed and we will publish the results and any response to them shortly. 

All members of the Class Association should have an email called "29er News" which we aim to send out monthly updating on relevant issues to keep all informed of events/training etc

Sailwave Training

The RYA are planning to hold some Sailwave training during the Youth Nationals if there is demand. (This is the programme we and most classes/clubs use for sailing results).

The 29er Class is desperately short of helpers with knowledge of Sailwave which could impact our ability to effectively manage our GP events.

If you would like attend the teach in please email [email protected] directly with times in the week that would suit you.

After 4 races in a good breeze today and 12 in total .. Nick/Billy were 12th in Gold with James/James 15th and Hannah/Emily 22nd. In Silver Millie/Jess came in 8th in Silver.

Results here  (click on the 29er Icon)


With the Youth Nationals at HISC fast approaching the 29er class have
been asked to provide up to 6 RIBS with driver and crew to provide
Safety cover for the 29er course.
One thing that distinguishes the 29er class from others is the high
level of support that we give every year to help with this event.

The RYA are supplying mark-layers and course safety lead so we just
need to find 5 or 6 RIBs (depending on number of entries and the teams
to crew them).  For those of you that have not been at a Youths before
the RYA are particularly keen to maintain absolute fairness in the way
the event runs so volunteers pretty much can't talk to the sailors
between races, especially their own; Nevertheless it is always an
exciting week with the safety challenges that come with such a large
event (especially at HISC) and great racing to watch and little chance
of seeing anything much from the shore.

We have already secured three of the RIBs we need and a couple of
drivers and would be really pleased to hear from anyone who is
interested in volunteering either as driver or crew for the whole week
or even for a couple of days, also from anyone who would consider
bringing or loaning their RIB.

replies to [email protected]

Harken GP Series is up after 5 events. Nick/Billy lead on tie break from James/James. Top Girls are still Hannah/Emily though Bella/Anna are close. Top mixed pair are Sarah/Nick in 6th. Top Juniors are Ryan/Louis.


A huge thank you to all those that helped deliver the Winter Championships we are very grateful to Draycote, Ian Bullock and his team as well as all those that volunteered.

Well done Dan and Fin who won comfortably and in an event where no boat managed a top 10 finish in every race they were the only pair to string together a consistent series at the front.

The ranking list is now out (Thank you Chris Hewitt) with the top 4 very tight. Nick/Billy lead from Hannah/Emily then James/James, Dan/Fin.

Crew Changes. Please note that under 8.4 of the NoS for the GPs we have no choice but to ask those that swap around to enter as a new entry or retire. This is not a problem but its definately better to know ahead of the Prizegiving please.  (Thank you Rachel James for your work on the results).

Great video of Chew Valley SC sprints .. 


For those that want to see the format for the Sprint Finals chack out this video from 7.39 onwards ... two former GBR 29ers on display here.... more to follow on the format but expect each boat to sail up to 14 races like this all weekend ... 


The final few sprint events took place this weekend with 11 boats at Chew Valley and 5 at Leigh and Lowton. In total 63 pairs raced at 10 events at 8 different clubs over the winter. A huge thank you to all the clubs that put on events.

The results from LLSC and CVSC events are below. 

Chew Valley SC Results

Leigh & Lowton SC Results

More infomation sent to us from a parent after talking to the French National Sailing Centre (ENSVN) cut and pasted verbatum.

Following on from the decision at the class committee meeting in November we are running a pilot GP7 , we will hold a GP in Largs and a GP in Torbay on the same weekend of July 1-2 2017. Wherever the teams compete their GP score will count towards the GP series ie for GP7 series scores we will have 2 1sts 2 2nds 2 3rds etc. 

Please see information from the RYA on upcoming Profiling dates if you have any questions then please contact the RYA

7 & 8 April 2017

2 Sept 2017

9 Dec 2017


We have been asked a few questions about the location and dates of the 2017 Europeans. Below gives what we know after enquiries with the International Class.